Our Sewer Camera Inspection Service Will Never Win a Photography Award – But It Will Save You Time and Money!

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Have you noticed a foul smell emanating from your drains?

Has your water stopped draining as quickly as it used to – or is your toilet backing up or overflowing? Then you need Micheal’s Purple Petunia Septic Service, and you need us fast!

We offer full camera inspection service throughout the greater Sioux Falls, South Dakota area. This cutting-edge technology lets us locate your concealed sewer pipes without the need for knocking down your walls or digging up your lawn. And by running a small camera through every nook and cranny of your drain and sewer lines, we are able to determine precisely which type of system you have, inspect its fittings and other connections for damage, assess how water flows through it, and quickly identify any potential drainage and stoppage issues.

Once we have all of that information at our disposal, we will be able to advise how you can make fast and cost-effective plumbing repair decisions – as well as perform the least intrusive plumbing repairs possible.

Don’t entrust the invaluable plumbing at your home or place of business to a plumber who doesn’t offer this indispensable service. Micheal’s Purple Petunia performs the sewer camera inspection your plumbing deserves!

Please call Micheal’s Purple Petunia Septic Service to learn more about our sewer camera inspection service and how it will benefit your residential, commercial or industrial property.