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Micheal’s Purple Petunia Septic Service goes back all the way back to 1969. That’s when our family owned and operated business began helping people clean and maintain their septic tanks. It was (and still is) hard work, but our family has always felt proud to provide so vital a service to our community.

When people see our company’s name, they might mistake us for a florist. Well, our work doesn’t smell quite as good as a bouquet of flowers, but there is a reason for our name. When our current owner Michael’s grandfather purchased a new purple truck in the early ’80s, he decided to name it after one of his favorite cartoon characters: Petunia Pig, Porky’s girlfriend. Although we have now tripled our number of trucks, we still honor grandpa’s somewhat unique choice by naming our whole company after the animated porker.

Today Micheal’s Purple Petunia Septic Service assists a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the greater Sioux Falls, SD area. Our trucks and septic system experts regularly visit the great cities of Beresford, Brandon, Canton, Colton, Crooks, Davis, Dell Rapids, Garretson, Hartford, Humboldt, Parker, Renner, Tea, Trent and Valley Springs – not to mention Harrisburg, where we are proudly headquartered.

Whether we can assist you by inspecting, cleaning, or otherwise maintaining your septic tank, grease trap, floor drain, holding tank, or lift station – or provide invaluable camera inspection service – then we look forward to understanding your unique septic needs soon!

Please contact Micheal’s Purple Petunia Septic Service today for all your septic needs!