Your Restaurant’s Success Depends on Its Grease Trap

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A fully functional grease trap is essential to any restaurant, cafeteria or commercial kitchen that produces significant quantities of fat, oil and grease (FOG). Without it, all of that waste could clog up your sewer line – which would pose disastrous consequences for your place of business.

Failing to properly maintain your grease trap will cause several problems of its own. If allowed to accumulate for too long, FOG will begin producing corrosive sulfuric acid which will badly damage the grease trap. Excessive FOG buildup will also make future grease trap cleaning and maintenance far more difficult – not to mention needlessly expensive. And perhaps worst of all, FOG which is allowed to sit in a grease trap for too long will eventually begin to stink. Your staff will not enjoy working in such an environment. Your customers will find even less reason to stay there!

Don’t lose money, productivity and revenue all because of a dirty grease trap. Engage Micheal’s Purple Petunia Septic Service – the greater Sioux Falls area’s resident grease trap expert – instead! Whether you need your grease trap thoroughly emptied and cleaned, regularly inspected, or assessed for potential malfunction, our grease trap masters are standing by to give you the very best service.

Please contact Micheal’s Purple Petunia Septic Service today for grease trap emptying, cleaning and maintenance needs.