Don’t Let a Backed up Floor Drain Turn Into a Flooded Basement

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Is your floor drain evacuating more slowly than it used to – or worse, backing up altogether?

The problem probably isn’t the floor drain itself. You may have a partially or completely clogged drain line, which is causing the water draining from upper-level fixtures to escape from the lowest point it can find in your home or place of business.

Not every backed up floor drain results from a drain line obstruction, however. It may also indicate that your sewer line has become too damaged to function correctly or blocked by intrusive tree roots. In this case your basement is at risk of flooding with something far worse than soapy water.

Every minute a backing up floor drain goes without immediate attention is another minute your basement comes closer to flooding with wastewater. Don’t risk extensive property damage – engage the floor drain, drain line and sewer line expertise of Micheal’s Purple Petunia Septic Service instead!

Our experienced team is on call to determine the exact cause of a backed up floor drain quickly and with minimal intrusion. Once we have performed a thorough camera inspection of your drain and sewer lines, we will perform any high-pressure flushing you need to prevent a messy (and expensive) disaster.

Don’t get stuck with a flooded basement – contact Micheal’s Purple Petunia Septic Service today if your floor drain is backing up!