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Graywater, blackwater and wastewater: To call any of these liquids unpleasant would be a vast understatement. You never want to have to deal with them – which is why if you have a holding tank, you need Micheal’s Purple Petunia Septic Service.

Our team of septic system specialists shares several decades of experience inspecting, emptying and maintaining wastewater holding tanks. Whether your holding tank’s wastewater originates from portable restrooms, sink stations, trailers, recreational vehicles or any other source, we are thoroughly familiar with the way your system works and how to keep it in peak operating condition.

Our holding tank inspection service will ensure that you never incur extensive property damage resulting from a backup or an overflow. Our methodical approach to maintenance will not just avert a disaster – it will also appreciably lengthen the life span of your holding tank, so you can put off an expensive and inconvenient replacement for many more years to come.

Even if something has gone terribly wrong with your holding tank, you can count on us to arrive onsite right away so we can mitigate the damage while making every possible attempt to preserve your system’s functionality. Our proven approach to high-pressure cleaning will work wonders on any holding tank!

Please contact Micheal’s Purple Petunia Septic Service today for all your holding tank inspection, maintenance and cleaning needs!