Your Wastewater Lift Station Demands the Highest-Quality Cleaning and Maintenance

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A lift station is an essential component of any sewage collection system. Its ability to transfer wastewater to higher elevations without the need for costly excavation makes it a great addition to any municipal or privately owned wastewater treatment plant. But without careful management, a lift station becomes a liability rather than an investment.

Micheal’s Purple Petunia Septic Service has many years of experience inspecting, maintaining and cleaning wastewater lift stations. Whether they need assistance with their dry-well or wet-well lift stations, our clients depend on us to keep everything flowing smoothly – without potentially disastrous back-ups, overheating or system failures.

Our septic system experts are standing by to keep any lift station operating at peak efficiency. A lift station under our careful supervision will not experience service interruptions, release excessive odors, contaminate the surrounding area, or fail to match the necessary pump capacity which efficient wastewater treatment demands.

We are just as prepared to identify any problems a malfunctioning lift station could exhibit. We know these complex systems’ receiving wells, screens, pumps, valves, compressors and ventilation systems like the backs of our hands. So important a part of your sewage collection system demands no less than the expertise of Micheal’s Purple Petunia!

Please contact Micheal’s Purple Petunia Septic Service today for all your wastewater lift station management, inspection and cleaning needs!